Welcome To Your Music!

Dear Client:

Hi! My name is Cristian Amigo, and what I do is conceptually simple. I play solo guitar (acoustic and electric) versions of  classic and cool music (blues, Americana, jazz, pop, Latin, American songbook, light classical) at your wedding reception with a minimum of fuss, set up, and volume. I provide soulful, tuneful, and mellow instrumental versions of songs by Hendrix (Little Wing), Sting (Bring on the Night, Stevie Ray Vaughn (Pride and Joy), Stevie Wonder (Overjoyed), Steely Dan (Any Major Dude), BB King, Cole Porter, Miles Davis, Violetta Parra, Los Panchos, etc. for people who want “real” music at their special event. I can also work with you on providing (or even composing) specific music for your wedding ceremony which is a particular specialty of mine. I bring all my own gear and set up in minutes. Feed me and pay me and I’m all in! Seriously, I love playing, I am easy to work with, and have decades of professional experience, a Ph.D. in music from UCLA, and music awards like a Guggenheim in music composition, and a Fulbright Artist/Scholar award. I’m also the composer in residence at INTAR Latino Theater in NYC. If you want more music and info go to cristianamigo.com or just call me at (646) 266-8823 so we can discuss your event. Thanks for considering me.


Cristian Amigo


Rate: $500 +

References available upon request. Just ask!